Hotel Sonnenhof | hosts with a lot of heart

Hospitality that comes from the heart

A family business, a place of the heart. Here at Sonnenhof, hospitality is lived out and traditions are cultivated. The four of us welcome you with – how could it be otherwise – sunny greetings and will ensure you enjoy wonderful holidays.

May we introduce ourselves?

Host Christof - Hotel Sonnenhof
Charming, warm and sunny

Christof, the head of the house. You will see that he is a people person when you meet him for the first time. He combines his open and friendly manner with a love of tradition. If you don’t see him at the hotel, he’s probably busy with his duties in the band or the fire brigade (the people of Caines are a close-knit community, and Christof is no exception). If time permits, he gets out and about in the mountains. Maybe he will take you along on a hike or bike tour.

Host Wilma - Hotel Sonnenhof
A doer with a green thumb

Wilma comes from the unspoilt Ultimo Valley and perhaps that is why she radiates a certain modesty as she inspires those around her with a sunny, warm and winning manner. Always with a smile on her face, she is always working, decorating and making things in and around the house. Her goal is: that you see a lot of new things on holiday. Wilma’s great love (just behind her three men, of course) is plants. From the herb garden to the flowers and plants around the house: when the flowers are blooming more beautifully than ever, it is clear that the boss has been at work!

Niklas & Lenz - Hotel Sonnenhof
Two irresistible charmers

Niklas and Lenz are the two sons of Christof and Wilma. Both are always around the hotel. Niklas is very interested in high-class gastronomy and sometimes pursues this passion in the hotel kitchen. As an easy-going chappy, Lenz loves dealing with people, just like his parents. With his friendly and confident manner, he is always a source of enthusiasm in the hotel.

Mimmi - Sonnenhof

A welcome from all creatures great and small

Mimmi, the dog of the house, also has the hospitality gene: she warmly welcomes everyone who crosses her path. When she is not hiking with Christof, she likes to rest in a quiet spot. Fortunately, there are lots of them at the spacious Sonnenhof!