Ingredients from our herb garden

Rarities and Mediterranean aromatic wonders

The sunny yet sheltered location and expert care allow plants to flourish in the garden of the Sonnenhof Herb Hotel that you would rather expect to find in the Italian Macchia. Wilma has also gathered many very special treasures over the years.

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The teas:
homemade yet exotic

All the power of nature, collected in a blend of herbs. What sounds hard to believe becomes reality at Sonnenhof. There is a herb for everything, as our forefathers and mothers already knew. Wilma, your hostess, knows exactly what the herbs from the garden do and what they taste like. If you would like, she will be happy to take you on a journey of discovery.

Herbal drinks - Sonnenhof
Aperitivi from the herb garden

With plenty of creativity, good taste and the best from our herb garden, we have created a series of exquisite drinks for our guests. How about a basil spritz or a Sonnenhof spritz with delicious bergamot? Perfect for toasting at the bar, on the sun terrace or in the cosy Panorama Lounge.
Let us surprise you with some inventive indulgence on your holiday!
*Caines regional dialect for “Cheers”

Syrup, juice and jams

The herbs and fruits from the garden and the orchard below the house serve as the basis for a range of products. Would you like a herb spread or Wilma’s herbal salt for your own kitchen? These and many other original creations are waiting for you.